Tri Star Aviation and STEM Cadets 


TRISTAR  in its partnerships  with schools, churches, community centers offers the Aviation  and STEM Cadets Summer Program.  


The program is an exciting platform of  hands-on, minds-on, Interactive STEM-A (Stem and Aviation) Camp programs designed to excite and transform the national STEM-A  Agenda and workforce by  preparing children and youth to expect excellence in pursuit of their talents and gifts through adventure and discovery. 


Tristar strives to prepare and empower a new generation of promising STEM talent and leadership to secure our nation's future in science and technology. The opportunity and challenge of broadening participation in STEM is to transform the STEM enterprise at all levels in order to fully engage the nation's talent for the ultimate improvement of the nation’s national security through innovation and emerging technologies using a creative blend of STEM , Aviation and aligned  disciplines to include  art and music as critical components in the evolving  STEM enterprise.  If we excite Kids they will come , dream, innovate, collaborate and excel.


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